The Screen HHC

Let’s start with the biggest WOW factor. This screen is huge. I asked the Cinemark Vice President of Marketing and Communications, James Meredith to stand in front of the screen at the theater so you could get some idea of just how gigantic this screen is. I couldn’t get the entire screen in the picture with this lens (You should probably double click on this image to get a better view). It’s about 87 feet wide and over 60 feet high. It is the size of a “large” IMAX screen. I usually sit in the 3rd row because it sucks me right into the movie.

Seating HHC

The seating is very, very comfortable. The seats are leather, very soft, have high backs, and padded arm rests. Premium quality seats.

Sidewall Speakers HHCBackwall Speakers HHC


Here are pictures of the side wall and back wall speakers. The side walls have 28 speakers (2 rows of 7 speakers on each wall). Along with the speakers on the back wall, you can see the outside of the projection room. The inside of the projection room is up next.