Stacked Barco Projectors

This is a photo from inside of the projection room of the Barco projectors at the Cinemark XD at HHC (Howard Hughes Center – Not the new one that just opened in Playa Vista). They have, as I recall, terrabytes of storage capacity sitting just under the projectors. It can only be unlocked with a 256 bit security key (again, this is from memory) which becomes active at a certain time. That way no one can show the movie before the studio allows it.

This picture is of their dual stacked 3D setup. The projector they use for 2D showings is just on the other side of these projectors and is exactly the same projector.


Here is the Auro sound system from Cinemark XD at HHC. They use the Crown I-Tech 5000 series amplifiers (2500W @ 4 ohms).

Projector Console

Here is the projector console. Note how virtually everything (including ceiling tiles) is painted black. I’m sure it’s to keep any light reflections to a minimum. Everything can be controlled from here.