The seats really are comfortable and tilt back too.

Projector Outside

The projector….an outside view from inside the theater.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t overcome the darkness in the theater with my flash when I was taking pictures and everything else didn’t come out very well. I’ll try to get more, but this should be a start. I’ll be trying to get pictures of the screen and speakers at the least.

Speakers - Side Wall

In the meantime, I’m posting a picture from inside the Cinemark XD theater at the Howard Hughes Center. It’s sort of hard to see because my flash doesn’t put out enough light, but if you double click on the photo and blow it up, you can see the speakers along the back wall and the double rows of speakers along the side wall (high and low). I don’t remember the exact number of speakers, but I think there are 28 speakers on the side walls (rows of 7 high and low along each side wall), 8 or so along the back wall, and, I think, front speakers also, but I forgot to ask about those or where they are located.