Some of my favorite Tales of Suspense featuring Iron Man and Captain America


Tales Susp IM v Scarecrow

#51 The Scarecrow (Mar 1964)

Always kind of liked Scarecrow for some reason. Note Iron Man’s armor. It’s the early one with the 2 little horns sticking up.



#58 Iron Man VS Captain America (Oct 1964)

I “think” this was Cap’s first appearance in Tales of Suspense. “Shell Head” gets fooled by The Chameleon.


TS Cap and IM

#59 Iron Man AND Captain America (Nov 1964)

Cap gets his own comic.


Tales of Suspense-My Life for Yours

#73 My Life for Yours – The Black Knight – (Jan 1966)

Always liked The Black Knight too. This is a Captain America continuation story and I’ll post a couple more from this storyline (The Sleeper Shall Awake and The Final Sleep).


Tales  susp- The Coming of Whiplash

#97 The Coming of Whiplash (Jan 1968)

Not one of my favorites, but I decided to post it for the Iron Man 2 fans.