I’ve always been interested in tinkering. When I was about 6 years old, I took apart an old bicycle we had in the backyard, cleaned it up, and put it back together again. I remember running into my house and excitedly telling my mother what I had just done and proudly showed her the “extra” parts that I had from this refurbishment. When I asked my mother if she remembered that, she said “Sure”, but when you were younger than that, you took apart a clock and put it back together. It worked, but there were still some “extra” parts. I think they were some screws of something like that. We never did figure out where they were supposed to go.” I didn’t remember that one.


From there, my interests led me into mathematics (with a special interest in statistical analysis and probablity), electronic engineering (where I worked for some years designing passive infrared detection devices), computers, and, finally, computer networking (which is the business I find myself in now). Doing the work I do now is a lot like being a detective. The other side of my work is managing IT projects. I like that part because it’s structured and you pretty much know where you stand at any given time. You never, however, know what’s coming around the bend and those things can bite you.


My other interests include Home Theater (you can see my setup in the “A Room with a View – The World of Home Theater and its Evolution” link). I did a short write up of the ABCs of home theater; going over projectors, 3D glasses, screens, and audio/video equipment. It’s meant to give you an idea of what you need to know if you decide to build a home theater system.

Basically, all of the electronic gadgets, toys, and other stuff at my house works because I fix anything that is broken. That even includes fences, faucets, electrical, and so on. I figured out a really cool way to make a solid wood fence that is pretty cheap and quick to put up. It looks good too. I’ll post some pictures and a “How to” at some point in the not so distant future.