I will never forget the first time I read “The Lord of the Rings”. I started reading this book when I lived in the dorms at UC Santa Cruz. I started on a Friday after classes (and studying) and finished the entire book late Sunday afternoon. Most of my friends thought I was having some sort of psychotic break as I only showed myself for mealtimes and to shower and brush my teeth. My girlfriend at the time wasn’t entirely pleased with me and developed an intense dislike for Professor Tolkien.

From there, I graduated to the earlier world of the First, Second, and early Third Ages of Middle-Earth courtesy of Professor Tolkien’s son Christopher. I am starting to post photos of my book collection (which I hope will become more impressive over the years), my thoughts on these writings, and, hopefully, your thoughts also.

Click on the links below to view my photos:

The History of Middle-Earth (12 Volume Set)

The Lord of the Rings

 The Hobbit

The Silmarillion 

Easton Press Editions – Deluxe Leatherbound Editions

Unfinished Tales

The Children of Húrin

Collected Works – (Deluxe Editions by Harper Collins)

Farmer Giles of Ham


Smith of Wootton Major

Tales from the Perilous Realm