LotR (Leather Side)LotR (Leather Spine)

The single volume copy is in perfect condition and is unread.


Easton LotR SideEaston LotR Spine

This is the Easton Press Edition of The Lord of the Rings. It is a leather bound copy with 22 carat gold trim and printing. The books by Easton are among the best put together of Professor Tolkien’s works. The 3 volumes have never been opened and are still in the original sealing from the factory.


LotR (3 vol side)LotR (3 vol Spine)

This Second Edition, 3 volume set published by Houghton Mifflin has some small tears in the top of the spine of the dust cover. Otherwise they are in almost perfect shape.


LotR 30th Ann CaseLotR 50th Ann Spine UK

This is the 50th annual deluxe edition (UK Printing). It is a later printing and is brand new. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a First Printing in prime shape for a reasonable price.