Silmarillion (Leather)Easton Silm Spine

This is the Easton Press Edition of The Silmarillion published in 1999. It is a leather bound copy with 22 carat gold trim and printing. The books by Easton are among the best put together of Professor Tolkien’s works. It has never been opened and is still in the original sealing from the factory.


Silmarillion (US)Silmarillion - 1st Ed.


The first photo is the First 1977  U.S. Edition of The Silmarillion by Houghton Mifflin. This book is in the worst condition of any that I own (excluding paperback). I would call the condition “good”. There are some small tears and some yellowing from age. The second is a First Printing, First Edition of the same book. It is in almost mint condition and appears to never have been read. There are no chips on the dust cover and no marks whatsoever. The original price ($10.95) on the dust cover and it has a Brodart cover on it for protection. It’s a beauty.


Sil allen

This is my copy of the First U.K. Edition of The Silmarillion published by Allen Unwin in 1977. It is a First Printing and is in perfect condition. A copy in this condition isn’t too easy to come by these days.



Silmarillion Deluxe 30th Ann CaseSilmarillion - Deluxe 30th Ann Spine

This the The Silmarillion 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition published in 2007 (Leather in slipcase). This book is still in its original plastic wrapping (though it is now unsealed). It is unmarked and in perfect condition.